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UMOLSYSTEM Srl is an Italian academic spin-off with a strong focus to support applied research projects in the field of life sciences, process intensification & sustainable chemistry. We provide comprehensive chemistry services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumers products companies as well as academic, government and non-profit institutions.



UMOLSYSTEM can support Organic Chemistry and Drug Discovery programs and add significant value to your early development research. We are engaged in the chemical custom synthesis of advanced intermediates, scaffolds, and different analogues for preliminary testing in quantities ranging from mg to multi-grams. In addition to the common equipment needed in the chemical synthesis, UMOLSYSTEM is engaged to offer Innovative Flow Chemistry Services

Custom Synthesis Services offered by UMOLSYSTEM:

  • synthesis of not commercially available starting materials 
  • synthesis of intermediates following known procedures or designing feasible routes
  • preparation of analogs and scaffolds to support MedChem studies
  • scale-up (up to 100g scale) of intermediates, lead compounds
  • isolation, purification, identification synthesis of process impurities or degradants for reference testing
  • synthesis of drug metabolites to support ADME, toxicology and MoA studies
  • from batch reactions to continuos flow synthesis
  • development of regio- and stereoselective syntheses
  • organic Photochemistry


UMOLSYSTEM’s Med Chem activities support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in hit-to-lead and lead optimization studies. Our continually evolving collection of over 3,000 carefully designed compounds, has been created with a focus on structural diversity, molecular properties and quality. Our experienced and knowledgeable chemists with industrial and academic backgrounds in organic, medicinal, and analytical chemistry can assist you to develop, expand and protect your intellectual properties.

Medicinal chemistry Services Include:

  • synthesis of analogs and scaffolds for Structure-Activity relationship (SAR) studies
  • synthesis of focused libraries solution 
  • isolation and purification of small molecule natural products
  • scale-up of selected lead for advanced testing
  • route scouting, process development and scale up of lead compounds
  • design strategies for hit expansion and hit-to-lead exploration


UMOLSYSTEM provides Innovative R&D services to support your development programms. As part of these services, UMOLSYSTEM offers rapid optimization of existing clients’ procedures to make them amenable for large scale synthesis. Our team has good experience to identify and resolve poorly performing steps, redesigning new routes and optimising processes for efficiency, robustness, safety, environmental impact and cost. UMOLSYSTEM is committed to quickly providing innovative techno-logies, i.e. continuous flow synthesis, organic photochemistry, to solve the challenges of the PD and to advance development programs.

Our process R&D studies include:

  • evaluation of synthetic routes & scale-up to identify problematic steps not compatible with large scale production 
  • route design & laboratory assessment (5-10 L glass reactors) to optimize or eliminate troublesome steps 
  • from batch reactions to Continuos flow synthesis
  • process improvement & optimisation by classical methods or Experimental design (DoE, QbD)
  • solvent selection conform to ICH guidelines  
  • isolation, purification, identification and synthesis of process impurities or degradants for reference testing
  • optimization of purification conditions to minimize chromatographic purifications and replace them with crystallization methods 
  • development reliable analytical methods for In-Process Control (IPC) 
  • Tech transfer for the manufacturing sites 
  • Process Design & Risk Management


UMOLSYSTEM provides sevices of Surface Imaging Analysis to gain information on the surface morphology, chemical composition as well as the inner structure of the sample, such as crystal structure, morphology and stress state information

The Analytical Imaging Techniques employed in these studies are:

  • Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy-Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (ESEM-EDS)
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) 
  • Field Emission In-Lens Scanning Electron Microscopy (FISEM)
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)


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Legal Address: Via Guido da Montefeltro, 43
Operative Office: Piazza del Rinascimento, 6
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E-MAIL : staff.umolsystemsrl@gmail.com

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